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January 2012 Wrap-Up

It’s hard to believe that January 2012 is coming to a close today!  It started off as a really rough month with lots of bad news regarding the health on Nick’s side of the family, but we just got word last night that the scary health issues that the women on his side of the family are battling both got very good prognosis from doctors, so we are ending the month on a good note!

I just got word today from one of the jobs I interviewed for that they have a hiring freeze so I didn’t get an offer from them.  I’m still waiting to hear back from the other job I recently interviewed for.  It’s torture waiting to hear if they will offer it to me or not, but I’m trying to embrace the exciting part of the unknown of where my career will take me next.

I started 2012 with just a couple of “resolutions”.  The first of which was to do strength training three times a week.  I’ve done okay, not great, with that goal, doing strength training somewhere between two to three times a week.  Another goal I had been to prep meals ahead of time, on the weekends, to make cooking dinner a quicker process during the week.  This goal has been a TOTAL FAIL.  I have yet to do it, but I’m not that upset about it.

With February starting tomorrow, I thought I’d make a couple of goals for the month.  I recently read in a magazine that you should take your body weight, divide it by two and drink that number in ounces of water every day.  Rounding up to a nice, whole number, that would be 65 ounces of water every day!  I’m going to make that the first goal of February.  That’s a LOT of water, though.  I’m not much of a drinker by any definition of the word.  I don’t drink much alcohol, but I also don’t drink that much of anything else.  My typical choice beverages are water, milk, and wine, and maybe occasionally orange juice.  If I do a tough workout, I’ll probably consume 24 ounces of water in a day, otherwise, it’s usually closer to 16 ounces.  Wine is usually 5 ounces pretty much every night with dinner.  Milk is usually 16 ounces every few days.  So in liquid consumed on a good day, I’m looking at 45 ounces total.  But as you can see from my math, just under half of that is not water.  This goal is going to be a challenge for me, but I know it’s a healthy thing to do.

My second goal is to be able to do a real tricep-push up by the end of the month. Right now, I struggle to do them on my knees, girly-style.  I can do regular push ups on my feet (as long as I’m not in Bodypump class, where I’m so fatigued by the time we get to push ups, I end up doing them girly-style).  I have such weak triceps it’s embarrassing, but I can change that by the end of the month!

On another note, Nick asked me to track my student loans as part of our merging finances (the most progress we’ve made in planning to get married… sorry, it’s not more exciting than that right now).  Up until I did this yesterday, I did not like to look at the total amount I owe.  It’s way to big and it stresses me out.  Instead, I just deal with the monthly amount, and while that is large as well, it’s a heck of a lot smaller than the big total.  Plus, I’ve just pretty much been paying interest over the last four plus years, so the grand total doesn’t seem to change that much.  Anyway, to confront the ginormous number and tackle the debt, I thought I would really track it every month.  On here.  Scary!  I’m scared to face it myself, let alone let be out there on the world-wide web, but eventually that number will shrink to nothing and actually writing it out every month will hopefully make me feel better about it (unless it ends up depressing me)!  So to make it simple, there are four student loan entities that I pay.  There are more than four student loans.  Some of those entities have multiple loans, but for simplicity’s sake I will list the payoff amount of each loan entity along with the grand total and the amount paid towards each entity and total amount paid.  I hope that makes sense.  And I hope you all don’t judge me.  It’s a lot of student loan debt!  Deep breath.  Okay, so here we go:

Pay Off Amounts:
Loan Entity 1: $57,971.67
Loan Entity 2: $2,585.95
Loan Entity 3: $63,485.83
Loan Entity 4: $42,195.72
GRAND TOTAL: $166,239.17 (YIKES!!!)

January Monthly Payments:
Loan Entity 1: $328.46
Loan Entity 2: $44.41
Loan Entity 3: $902.98
Loan Entity 4: $321.59
TOTAL PAID 01/12: $1,597.44

Okay, honestly, I don’t know if that made me feel better or worse 😦   Ugh, I hate money, especially when it leaves my bank account!  On the upside, credit card debt = $0.

This has gotten way too long, but I hope to keep track of my February goals for you all and will report back at the end of next month with a (similar) getting-out-of-student-debt status!  Happy end of January everyone!


Changing My Name

So I’ve been debating for about a month know about changing my name for the blog.  As of right now it’s The Urban Retrofit.  I feel like people don’t quite know what that means which has led me to the desire to want to change it, and with that move everything over to my own domain (which I’m sure will be a bigger project than I want it to be, and will take me longer than I want it to take).  I decided on Living Healthy by Design but had my heart broken when I found out the domain was already taken.  SO, I need some advice.  What do you all think of a new name?  Any recommendations?  I’d really love your suggestions!

To help you out in coming up with suggestions, the tag line that I thought of was “Urban planning, healthy living, and other ramblings through my eyes” or something to that effect.  Please help!

While I’m on the topic of changing my name, I might as well, bring up my thoughts on changing my real name when Nick and I get married.  Here are the reasons I’ve heard as to why I should change my name:
1. When (I’d say “if”, but I’m making the argument of what other people tell me, so in other people’s minds, it’s a given that we will have kids) we have kids, the teachers won’t hand off the kids to some “stranger” with a different last name than the children.
2. You can go through customs together when traveling international.
3. When people send you two letters in the mail, it won’t be confusing for the sender on how to address the envelope.
4. People will be able to pronounce your name.

While all those arguments for changing my name may be true, I like my last name.  It’s unique.  And I’m the end of the Dresdner line.  I feel some sort of need to hold onto it.  Letting go of it would be letting go of any sort of Jewish heritage I have left in me.  My dad is the Jewish side and he passed away when I was very little so we didn’t celebrate any of the Jewish holidays as I grew up.  And maybe because he is no longer alive, I feel even more compelled to keep the name.

Nick and I have discussed it and he doesn’t have any qualms if I keep my last name.  The debate is still out if there will be any sort of hyphenation but either way, I’ll remain a Dresdner.

What are your thoughts of changing your last name with marriage?  And don’t forget, I’m looking for suggestions for a new blog name!

Jetsetting Stop 4- Cancun, Mexico

After a 7 mile run Saturday morning, Nick and I headed for the airport to depart on our last major trip of the fall.  I’d been beyond excited for this vacation.  My best friend from growing up, Caitlin, was getting married and we were heading down to Mexico to help celebrate her big day.  Nick and I have really been playing up other people’s weddings in beautiful places by making whole vacations out of them.  The perk of this vacation, besides being in Mexico, was that we’d be staying put for the week.  If you remember back in September, we went out to Northern California for Nick’s childhood friend’s wedding, and we maximized the Northern California exposure by meeting up with one of my college friends, going wine tasting, and spending a few days up at Lake Tahoe, all before heading back to the Bay Area before the wedding.  I was very much looking forward to unpacking my bags on this trip and relaxing.  When we got there, though, they put us in a room with two double beds instead of one king size bed.  Nick and I have become very accustomed to sleeping in a king that I was worried that the bed would be way too small for us, which normally it would be, but the air conditioning in that room was so cold- even though we turned it all the way up- that sleeping so close together kept us warm thought the night!  Then next afternoon, they finally switched us to a room with a king size bed and better air conditioning control.

Finally, our King size bed!

And the view from our room… on a cloudy morning.

Sunrise on the beach

I didn’t take very many pictures with my digital camera on this trip, but as part of our welcome bags from Caitlin and Peter, we got a disposable camera.  Once I get that developed, I’ll post those pictures. 

Anyway, the weather wasn’t nearly as hot as I thought it would be.  A hurricane came through the week before we arrived and flooded the mangroves, which poured out into the gulf, turning the water red.  In addition, all the seaweed got pushed ashore, so it was murky as well.  Not ideal or picturesque, but as he week passed, the water became more and more blue. 

Caitlin, Peter, and the rest of the wedding party arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday and Nick and I had fun meeting the grooms side as well as spending time with the bride’s side.  The wedding took place on Thursday evening at sunset.  As Caitlin and Peter said their “I do’s” the full moon popped through the clouds and lit the beach.  It was a very romantic backdrop.  I promise, I’ll have pictures soon.

Other than that, Nick and I pretty much hung out.  We spent some time talking about our own wedding, but I don’t have any major announcements to make yet.  I was able to stick with my training though the week, hitting up the resort gym every day.  All in all, it was a nice getaway.  It was hard to come back to Dallas as that closes out our traveling for a while, but before we know it, we’ll be off jetsetting again!

Two Months of Engagement

Today is a big day.  It marks two months that Nick and I have been engaged.  It is also the day that I reached 100 miles ran during my half marathon training.  I recently did the math and it’s taken me eight weeks to run 100 miles and in the next four weeks I will run another 100 miles!  In honor of completing 100 miles today, here is one of the pictures from the Santa Fe 5K from a few weeks back.  (Like I said in an earlier post, I felt like my cheeks were all puffed up like a squirrel stocking up for winter).  You can check out the other two pictures of my by going to the photographer’s link here.

Crossing the finish line of the Santa Fe 5K on October 13th

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about how the wedding planning is going so now that it’s officially been 2 months since Nick popped the question, I’d give a little update in the blog!  And the big news is…. we haven’t started planning!  We don’t have a date set.  We don’t have a location picked out.  We’ve barely talked about a budget.  But we do know a couple of things.  First, since neither of us are from Texas, we don’t plan on getting married in Texas, that is unless we decide to not deal with a wedding and just go to the courthouse and get married, which isn’t out of the question at this point.  If we have a wedding, though it will most likely be outdoors and the ceremony won’t be religious, since neither one of us is particularly religious.  I know my mom really wants us to get married in Hawaii, but that isn’t really on our list of destinations.  Hawaii is very beautiful, but if we had a list of destinations, it would be low on the list for various reasons.  (Sorry Mom.)  I am, however, excited to see my dear friend Megan and her fiance Mark get married in Hawaii next summer! 

I’m sorry if my wedding planning news comes as a disappointment.  I feel as though it’s taboo that we’ve been engaged and haven’t planned a single thing.  At least that’s how I feel when people ask me about the wedding plans I a tell them we don’t have any yet.  I often get the “Oh” with a look of disappointment and “what the heck is wrong with you” written all over their face.  To be honest, I’m not in any rush to plan a wedding.  As a kid, it always seemed like it would be so much fun, but now that I’m engaged, I’m not that excited about planning a wedding.  I’m excited to be married, but a wedding sure seems like a lot of work and a lot of money, all for just a few hours.

At any rate, we are headed to Mexico this weekend to go to my friend, Caitlin’s wedding, so we are going check it out to see how we feel about doing an all-inclusive destination for ourselves and we’ll go from there.  I’m sure as the holidays near, family will be questioning us a lot, forcing us to start making some plans, so stay tuned!