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Pretty In Pink

For Christmas, Nick and I got $40 in gift cards to Starbucks, which is kind of funny because we aren’t coffee drinkers and probably venture to Starbucks about once every three months or so.  We decided to make a big dent in them today by not only getting beverages, but also breakfast sandwiches (turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, and egg whites on a whole wheat English muffin to be exact).  Since all the gift cards are in my possession, I took one for the team and made the Starbucks run.  As I stood in line, I noticed the woman in front of me.  She was probably about 20 years older than me, but I became very envious of how put together she looked.  She was causal, yet comfortable, and stylish with jeans, an oatmeal colored sweater, a scarf and gold flats.  I was embarrassed and felt like a total slob standing next to her in my Nike running shorts and Michigan sweatshirt.  At that moment, I decided I should make more of an effort to put myself together better on the weekends, even if I plan on just sticking around the house.

Fast forward a few hours, I had a mini meltdown about the stresses of life.  Nick comforted me and after about ten minutes of pouting, I got over it and decided to put my new-found desire to look nicer to work.  I pulled on my unlucky blue jeans (although I said I wasn’t going to wear them until I heard back from the jobs I interviewed for, it’s Saturday, so I won’t be hearing any news from either of them today anyway), a similar, yet much older and outdated wool oatmeal colored sweater, and a camel colored scarf.  On a side note, I used to accessorize all the time with scarves but after criticism from several people here in Texas about my scarf-wearing, I stopped wearing them, until today!  I took my hair out of a pony tail and felt much better, but there was one last item I needed: A new coat of nail polish on my toes!
(Don’t look too closely!  My feet are completely calloused and have a few blisters from all the running I’ve been doing!)

This particular shade is embarrassingly old.  I got it in the 7th grade when my mom treated me to my very first (and probably only) professional manicure for my birthday.  Nothing like magenta toes to lift my spirits and make me feel like I look like a civilized person!

After wearing my nice, causal weekend wear for a few hours, I peeled it off and put the gym clothes back on but this time for the use they were intended for, not going to Starbucks, but rather, going to the gym!  After a sweaty 40 minute session on the stair master, I headed home, stopping at the mailbox to find a fun present for me!
Cute personalized recipe cards!  There wasn’t a note from a friend or anything so I’m thinking the company, In-Vita Paper Studio, sent them to me directly.  I’m not quite sure how they got my address; perhaps from a form I filled out for The Knot or The Nest, perhaps somehow through my blog (although my address isn’t listed here).  Either way, they are super cute and I was very excited to find them in my mailbox!  Thanks In-Vita!
It’ll give me a good reason to make and write down my own recipes!

Tonight is guys night- a Poker and Pampers party for our friend, Drake, who is a soon to be dad, so I’m on my own this evening.  While I won’t be using my new present tonight, I’ll be using the last of our stocked-up Groupons for De Rice Thai takeout (not nearly as good as Best Thai, but it’s still comfort food) and snuggling up on the couch with Jackson to watch Netflix shows that are otherwise banned when Nick is home (Say Yes to the Dress being the least embarrassing to admit I watch).  Nothing like some quality cheesy chick show time!

Happy Saturday night everyone!