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Day 2 Of Official Unemployment: Taxes and Jogging Suits

Well, really, it’s been longer than that, almost 3 weeks, but I’m counting my unemployment starting when the severance and paid-unused vacation days were up, cause otherwise, I was on a paid vacation, right?  Anyway, thank you everyone for all the kind words and support from yesterday’s post.  (Although nobody actually commented on the blog post, I heard back from some of you in other means and modes.)

Today wasn’t really all that fun.  A lot of email sending to contacts I know, dealing with the Texas Unemployment website (ugh, overwhelming), and pretty much doing all of my taxes.  The taxes are done, I just haven’t hit submit yet because my audit risk is high

It’s mostly because of my Mary Kay business that I got rid of back in July.  My losses are greater than my profits.  Go figure, right?  If I was making a profit, I wouldn’t have stopped selling Mary Kay.  Anyway, I’m waiting for an epiphany or some sign to convince me that I won’t get audited.  Just kidding.  I’ll probably click on the submit button tomorrow, I just need to ponder it some more tonight.  To be honest, I’m small potatoes when it comes to the IRS, but seeing the slider bar move all the way to the deep red makes me need to process my options before I hit submit.  When it comes down to it, I’ll probably pay the extra $40 for the extra, extra audit protection just for piece of mind (but really, making that extra $40 purchase will be for nothing, since I probably won’t be audited).  Okay, enough ramblings over my stress of being audited!

In the process of doing my taxes, I itemized my charitable donation including ALL of the stuff I’ve taken to Goodwill over 2011.  So as I was entering the clothes, I saw this itemized donation option.
Women’s Jogging Suit.

When I saw this item, I thought to myself, this list is really dated.  To my, a jogging suit is something straight out of the 80’s.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  Neon colors, crinkled polyester, totally hideous.

Granted, there are plenty of very trendy workout clothes that are matching separates.  I’m sure Lululemon is filled with them, but a jogging suit?  And this got me to thinking that I actually saw someone out running earlier this week in the exact jogging suit shown above on the guy on the left, which was also worn by a man.  Now, heck, I am one to talk about having an outdated wardrobe, but comfort, on the other hand, I don’t mind going there.  If I remember correctly, because I had my fair share of jogging suits as a kid, (in fact, it’s pretty zoomed out, but here is a picture of me in a jogging suit, although I think the jacket is on the ground, off to the side)

the elastic in the waistband rides up at the slightest movement.  And they make a terrible swoosh swoosh sound.  Are they even breathable?  Workout clothing has come a long way from this hideous jogging suits!  Dry fit, yes please!

So I take it back, maybe the charitable donation list is just fine, because really, other than that man I saw running in a hot pink jogging suit the other day, all the rest of these dreadful items are either buried deep in people’s closets, sitting there in shame or they’ve made their way with the girdles (the item directly above jogging suit) to the Goodwill themselves to be itemized on this year’s taxes.  As for my jogging suits, they’ve been long donated to find their way to another person’s closet to hide in shame.