Getting Ready To Move

That’s right.  I’m moving!  Not physically (yet), though, but keep reading to find out more on that.  It’s a virtual move.  I’ve bought a new self-hosted domain, which means once I make the switch, you will no longer see, it will just be  And it won’t be The Urban Retrofit anymore.  I hope you all come with me on this new move.  I’m really excited about it and down the road, I’m looking at getting a new look for the blog, but one step at a time.  It’s kind of like a home renovation.  First I’ll make the move, and then I’ll overhaul the site, one page at a time.  Expect to see the move very, very soon!  (Like, hopefully if I don’t procrastinate too much with it, this week!)

So a real move?  Yes, Nick and I have been talking about moving for a while.  Now that I’m home, I’ve been tasked to get in touch with a realtor.  It’s in the middle of my list of things to do, among applying for jobs, and drinking 65 ounces of water every day (a february goal that hasn’t been going so well).  Our current residence is Nick’s place that he bought several years before we started dating to I’ve left a lot of the “should we rent”/”should we sell” thoughts to him, although I’ve definitely given him my opinion here and there.  Since it’s his place, I don’t want him to feel like I’m forcing him to move (unless I get a job outside the DFW area).  But the reality is, we are cramped for Texas standards.  We’d like to have a yard so we can get a dog and so I can have a garden that actually gets enough sunlight to produce anything.  We’d like to have more than one toilet.  We’d like to have room to entertain.  We’d like to have our own spaces; Nick, a man cave and guy room, me, a more efficient kitchen and a space for me to pick up my painting again.

Since we aren’t committed to Dallas for the rest of our lives and because I’m on the job hunt, once the ball is rolling and we have a renter or buyer lined up for our current home, we will probably rent in the Dallas area until it’s time for us to pack up and make a new home elsewhere or plant our roots here.  Now I just have to put things in action and get in touch with a realtor.

Do you have any thoughts or advice on moving? A virtual move or a real move.


2 responses to “Getting Ready To Move

  1. Good luck with the move. I’d like to do the same but I’m afraid I’ll mess things up because I won’t know how to do everything!

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