Chicks Rock Fights Ovarian Cancer

Exciting news!  Nick is working with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to have ALL of the proceeds generated from the CHICKS ROCK game (via ads) donated to the foundation!  It’s a very near and dear cause for us and ovarian cancer affects thousands of women along with their loved ones.  Help us raise money by downloading the super cute game, CHICKS ROCK, onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  It’s totally free and available in the app store!

(Plus you get to hear Nick sing the intro song at the beginning of the game.  He’s got quite the voice, huh?  Along with that great voice, he’s got a great heart; one of the many reasons why I love him!)

**Update** The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund just posted a link on their website as well, talking about the partnership and why Nick decided to link up with the OVRF.  Check out the post here!


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