Thai Takeout Fake Out

Thai Takeout Fake Out was actually on Friday night, but the weekend has gotten away from once again and I am just now getting it up on the blog!  So let’s get started.  I announced to Nick that we would be having Thai Takeout Fake Out for dinner.  He would be having Taste of Basil with Pork and I would be having Red Curry with Tofu.  Missing the “Fake Out” portion of the Thai Takeout Fake Out, he thought I had already decided on what he’d be ordering from our favorite Thai takeout place, Best Thai.  Granted, he usually orders Taste of Basil with Pork, he thought I was being presumptuous for picking out what he’d be ordering.  I clarified that we weren’t going to order takeout, I’d be making these dishes, hence “Takeout Fake Out”.

Inspired by a recent post over at Eat, Live, Run, I decided to make Red Curry with Tofu for me.  I used Jenna’s Fire Pot Soup recipe to create the foundation for my curry sauce, but instead of making the recipe exactly as she wrote it, I referred to my Best Thai takeout menu for additional veggies to add.
Chopped up and ready for the sauté pan are sweet potatoes (not on the Best Thai menu, but I added this from inspiration from the Kashi Red Curry Chicken entry), green and red bell peppers, zucchini, and garlic.
The diced sweet potato hit the heat for about 5 minutes.
I added the bell peppers and continued to sauté for another 5 minutes.
And into the pan went the zucchini and garlic for 3 more minutes. Once the veggies were mostly tender with a little bit of crunch left in them, I set them aside and moved onto sautéing the tofu.
I let the tofu get nice and golden on the outside, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes.  Once the tofu had a nice, crisp exterior, I set it aside with the veggies and it was onto the curry broth.  At this point I began to really refer to Jenna’s Fire Pot Soup post.
I mashed the red curry paste and oil together.
Into the pan went the light coconut milk and chicken broth.  I deviated from Jenna’s broth at the point, adding  only 3/4 a cup of chicken broth because I wanted it to be more of a sauce than a soup.
I added regular basil (instead of Thai basil, since I already had it on hand, lemongrass and two dried Thai chilies.  I couldn’t find fresh Thai chilies so I figured these would work well enough.
I added the veggies and tofu and let the flavors meld together while I got working on Nick’s Thai Takeout Fake Out dish.  His Taste of Basil with Pork recipe came pretty much directly from Leite’s Culinaria Thai Basil Pork (Pad Gkaprow Mu) with the few minor  substitutions of regular basil instead of Thai basil, tamari sauce instead of regular soy sauce, and dried chilies instead of fresh ones.
Chopped onion and garlic.
Into the pan they go!
Along with the pork.
And the chilies and sauces.
Stir in the basil and it’s done!

Thai Takeout Fake Out was a success.  Our dishes didn’t taste exactly like Best Thai takeout, but they came pretty close and they were probably a healthier too, since I had control of the ingredients.  While picking up the phone and calling the Thai place (which is programmed into my phone) is pretty convenient, making these dishes was actually a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to making more Thai Takeout Fake Outs in the future.

Have you successfully recreated any of your favorite restaurant or takeout dishes?


2 responses to “Thai Takeout Fake Out

  1. Found out from a local chef that taking the block of tofu and placing it between lots of paper towels with a weight on it overnight squeezes out the moisture and makes it fry even crisper when you go to stir fry this food item. Good tip. Thought I would share.

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