Selling Like Hotcakes

First off, when I left the house this morning, I discovered ice on my windshield!  I turned the wipers on and used windshield wiper fluid, but it wasn’t making the ice go away fast enough, so I got out for the car and dug in my trunk for my trusty (and rarely used in Texas) ice scraper.  By the time I got around to the front, the ice had melted and I lost all opportunity to take a picture to show it to you all.  Oh well.  The ironic part of it all is that it’s now 63 degrees out.  That’s Texas for you!

Anyway, last night I stopped at RunOn! on my way to a Michigan alumni board meeting and picked up registration packets for our first race of 2012: The Hotcake Hustle!  I signed up for the 10K and Nick grudgingly said he’s do the 5K.  I think I’ve burned him out for anything more than a 5K after completing the half marathon.  I’m sure he’d rather do the mile fun run than the 5K if he could get away with it, but unfortunately for him, we don’t have or know any kids who he could pretend to be the father of so he could run with a kid as a “father duty” of the fun run.  Alone, people might wonder who this thirty-something guy is, running a mile with a bunch of little kids.    I’m teasing.  Nick is a good sport and while running is clearly not his sport of choise, he does it to support me.

With the registration packets came the fun swag!The beautiful Hotcake Hustle 5K/10K Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Hotcake Hustle Coffee Mugs
When I was making Nick take pictures for me this morning he asked if I was selling the merchandise, hence “Selling Like Hotcakes”!

I’m actually nervous for this race.  (Those 10K’s, they make me so nervous every time!)  It’s not the distance, it’s the fact that the 10K portion of it is running the 5K twice.  I’ve done enough loops in my neighborhood to not be very excited to do a loop race.  I guess I could have signed up for the 5K in order to avoid making a second loop, but I wanted to get more mileage in for the day, so that’s the price I have to pay.  However, the reward is pancakes at the finish line!

Before I left the house, Jackson told me he wanted to say hi to you all!

Happy Wednesday!


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