The Teeny Tiny Inefficient Kitchen

Last week I mentioned that Nick and I have a very small kitchen.  Well, I thought I would share with you all just how small it is with a 360-degree tour.  (I should make a little side note that I’m just a little, okay scratch that, very obsessive-compulsive when it comes to order.  So in being in a tight, inefficient space, I find that if oder isn’t kept, all hell breaks loose!)
So this is probably the best shot to show the entire kitchen.  I was standing at the edge of the fridge, at the entry of the laundry area, when I took it.  This, actually isn’t the smallest kitchen I’ve ever had in all my living arrangements.  My cute, little apartment on E. Kingsley St in Ann Arbor wins that prize, but this kitchen is by far the most inefficient as far as storage comes!
There is a nice greenhouse-style window, which bakes in the Texas summers.  I’ve put plenty of herbs up there, but without daily attention in the summer, they fry.  Now growing: Jackson’s christmas present- Cat Grass.   It should be ready in another day or two for him to chomp on.

Under the sink there are the typical items you would find under the sink: household cleaners, garbage bags, tin foil, plastic wrap, etc.  I  didn’t take a picture of that, since it’s pretty standard to most kitchens.  The door just to the left of the sink doors is where all the pots and pans live.

It’s a deep space, but again, inefficient.  All the pots and pans I use regularly are up front and all the pots and pans that I wished I used more regularly and way in the back and the only way to get to them is to take everything out.  This area is critical to my need for order.  While Nick is OCD in his own ways, order isn’t exactly one of his obsessions; at least not on a daily basis.  So, bless his heart, when he empties the dish washer and puts the pots and pans away, I usually have to reorganize them to get them back in their appropriate order.Directly above the cabinet with the pots and pans is where I keep non-refrigerated perishable items as well as the spill over from the non-perishable items.  It drives me crazy that I can’t put all of the non-perishable items away (again, messing with my need for order), but most of them will be used during the week they arrive on the counter, so I let it be.  Christmas brought new challenges to the non-perishable item storage, since a friend of Nick’s dad sent us a ton of assorted treats from New Mexico.  Half of them are still sitting on the counter, taunting me every day.
Directly above the counter is where almost all of the drink-ware lives.  Nick loves the big plastic cups because they are so big.  I drink out of the pint glasses that I’ve “collected”over the years from various restaurants and bars.  The only glasses that don’t live here are wine glasses.  They have a separate home.
Moving on, to the left of the drink-ware shelves is where most of the non-perishable items get stashed.  It’s pretty crammed, but Nick’s Crystal Light lives up front.  We go through so much of that stuff, it’s crazy.  I can’t stand the stuff, but Nick has a special place in his heart for Crystal Light.  Above the microwave, we have an assorted collection of baking items.  Not much will fit up here because the vent runs through this spot.
To the left of the microwave is probably the most useless space out of all the cabinet storage.  It’s only a couple of inches wide, and houses tea and measuring cups.  I forgot to take a picture of the mirror cabinet below the counter, but you should be able to visualize from the size of the tea and measuring cup cabinet.  The one below is where cutting boards, cooking racks, and baking sheets live.
I’ve lined the opening between the kitchen and dining area with cookbooks.  (And a small cork collection.)Right by the dining area is the main pantry area.  Between cat food, the trash can, herbs and spices, oils and vinegar, Tupperware, a dutch oven, plates, bowls, and serving dishes, and the wine rack and wine glasses, the pantry area is plenty full.  And the last stop on the 360-degree tour of the teeny, tiny inefficient kitchen is the fridge!
It’s very full here, as I had just gotten back from the grocery store!  This is our newest addition to the kitchen appliances, just arriving this past summer.  Had I started this blog before the new fridge, that surely would have been an entry on its own as what was supposed to be a simple switch, turned into a huge ordeal and Nick was sawing off the cabinet above with a tool that probably wasn’t intended for that type of project.  Anyway, the new fridge brought its own inefficiencies, but we’ve gotten used to it and have made things work, just like the rest of the kitchen!  Just as long as nobody messes with my order!

Do you have any issues with your kitchen?  How do you make it work to fit your needs?


6 responses to “The Teeny Tiny Inefficient Kitchen

  1. I am actually jealous of your kitchen in many ways. My fridge and stove are all mini-sized and I have even fewer cabinets. Plus, no dishwasher! The grass is always greener on the other side. 🙂

    • Sounds like the kitchen I had in my itty bitty apartment in Ann Arbor! Small fridge, no dishwasher. On the upside, i had a gas stove… my one and only gas stove in all the apartments I’ve lived in, and I loved it! Part of me would rather have that much smaller, more out of date kitchen than the one we have now because it was much more efficient, but like you said, the grass is always greener!

  2. Small indeed, but it makes good use of the space since you have a little counter space and a dishwasher. What I find awesome is that you have laundry in your apartment. I would die for that. I have to walk three blocks to the laundromat. Not fun.

    • Thanks! I totally know how going to the laundromat is! I did the same thing in one of my many apartments that I’ve lived in and I HATED it! I only did laundry once I was down to my last pair of underwear because I hated going to the laundromat so much! I praise you for being able to tolerate it!

  3. Nothing like Fresh Squeezed Crystal Light!!!

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