Uncertainty Has Gotten The Best Of Me

I have to make a confession.  I’ve decided to stop training for the Austin Marathon.  Not knowing if I will be around for the race has made it extremely difficult to stay on track.  Not to mention that, boy, is it time-consuming.  I get really lonely after a while!  I do plan on running a marathon eventually, but the timing isn’t right for the Austin Marathon.  With that said, I am still training…. for the Austin Half Marathon.  Since I’ve already achieved the half marathon already, I won’t have any disappointment if I don’t run in the Austin Half Marathon.  I’ve done some more research and there are actually three half marathons pretty close to each other, so if I can’t make the Austin race, then hopefully one of the other two will work in my schedule.  First up is the Texas Half Marathon in Dallas.

I think this race is mainly for people training for the Big D Marathon in the spring, so it won’t be nearly as exciting as the White Rock Lake Marathon/Half Marathon.  After the Texas Half Marathon is the Austin Live Strong Marathon/Half Marathon

followed by Cowtown Marathon/Ultra Marathon/Half Marathon in Fort Worth.

I think this one is a big deal, but I don’t know a ton about it.  (If you aren’t from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, I should point out that the two cities are very different and tend to be rivals.  People in Dallas don’t really follow what’s going on in Fort Worth and vice versa.)

So instead of following my marathon training schedule, I’ve reverted back to the half marathon training schedule, with a few minor tweaks.  I’ve kept my short runs at three miles instead of starting at two and working my way up to three.  I’ve done the same for the mid-week medium runs, starting at four miles instead of three.  And finally for the long runs, my base has been eight miles, with a 10K scheduled for next weekend and possibly two 15K races in the weeks to come.

So there you have it.  Uncertainty got the best of me, but I’m not completely getting off track.  Even if it is JUST a half marathon, it’s still a half marathon and in my book, that’s still a worthwhile achievement!


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