Changing My Name

So I’ve been debating for about a month know about changing my name for the blog.  As of right now it’s The Urban Retrofit.  I feel like people don’t quite know what that means which has led me to the desire to want to change it, and with that move everything over to my own domain (which I’m sure will be a bigger project than I want it to be, and will take me longer than I want it to take).  I decided on Living Healthy by Design but had my heart broken when I found out the domain was already taken.  SO, I need some advice.  What do you all think of a new name?  Any recommendations?  I’d really love your suggestions!

To help you out in coming up with suggestions, the tag line that I thought of was “Urban planning, healthy living, and other ramblings through my eyes” or something to that effect.  Please help!

While I’m on the topic of changing my name, I might as well, bring up my thoughts on changing my real name when Nick and I get married.  Here are the reasons I’ve heard as to why I should change my name:
1. When (I’d say “if”, but I’m making the argument of what other people tell me, so in other people’s minds, it’s a given that we will have kids) we have kids, the teachers won’t hand off the kids to some “stranger” with a different last name than the children.
2. You can go through customs together when traveling international.
3. When people send you two letters in the mail, it won’t be confusing for the sender on how to address the envelope.
4. People will be able to pronounce your name.

While all those arguments for changing my name may be true, I like my last name.  It’s unique.  And I’m the end of the Dresdner line.  I feel some sort of need to hold onto it.  Letting go of it would be letting go of any sort of Jewish heritage I have left in me.  My dad is the Jewish side and he passed away when I was very little so we didn’t celebrate any of the Jewish holidays as I grew up.  And maybe because he is no longer alive, I feel even more compelled to keep the name.

Nick and I have discussed it and he doesn’t have any qualms if I keep my last name.  The debate is still out if there will be any sort of hyphenation but either way, I’ll remain a Dresdner.

What are your thoughts of changing your last name with marriage?  And don’t forget, I’m looking for suggestions for a new blog name!


6 responses to “Changing My Name

  1. Ariana is a “Bice” while I am still a “Colletti” and Gianna is a “Flamm” while Clarissa is still a “Colletti”. Personally, in the 7 years of Ariana’s life I have never had any problem with us having different names and as far as I know, Clarissa hasn’t either.

    • Thanks Ginny! Yeah, I’ve wondered about that arguement. I never really thought it was big deal, but people here in Texas (at least the people here in Texas who have given me thier two cents, that is) insist that you need to have the same last name as your child, or else all hell breaks loose. Haha 🙂

  2. Well, Brooks is kind of a common name and people don’t have trouble pronouncing it, but I kind of wish I had kept “Dresdner”. The name is distinct and it sets you apart from the crowd. I enjoyed the man that I derived it from. Funny that the one person who could pass it on, Jon, changed his last name to my maiden name: Conlon.

  3. I changed my name when I was married, and made my last name my new middle name (and dropped the original middle name). I’m glad I did this, but I’m not sure if I’d change my name if I had the chance to do it over. My husband wanted me to change it but now says he doesn’t remember why it mattered to him then 🙂

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