Finally, Pictures From Our November Trip To Mexico

Happy new year everyone!  I hope you had a safe and fun celebration!  Nick and I met up with his best friend and went to a comedy club.  It was a fun way to spend the evening, although midnight had already passed when they started the countdown to the new year.  Oh well.

Anyway, I finally got the pictures developed from our trip to Mexico back in November to see my friend, Caitlin, get married.  Boy, am I amazed at how far photography as come now that cameras are digital!  This camera as a disposable 35mm and you can totally tell by the quality!  It looks like the pictures were taken ten years ago before digital was really mainstream!  So here are the best from the roll:
View from our room

Me, walking down the aisle

Caitlin and Peter getting married

Caitlin and Peter saying their “I do’s”

Nick and me at the reception dinner.  I’m very wide-eyed here!

The table flower arrangement and the bridesmaids bouquets (and the signature drink for the evening)

 The wedding party hanging out in the pool

The beach

A cute little sand turtle

Nick and me on the boat out to snorkel… a failed trip

Me, on the boat, right before the looming storm came.

Well, that’s pretty much the essence of our trip, taking walks on the beach, hanging out by the pool, wedding festivities, and a failed snorkeling trip due to bad weather.  From now on, I promise to be quicker about getting photos of events up!  Non-digital sure slows me down!


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