A Journey In Mary Kay: Lessons Learned

Wow, these posts on my endeavors in Mary Kay sure have been popular!  Although there haven’t been any comments on the blog entries, I can see the number of hits they’ve received!  Makes me curious as to who is reading this!

Anyway, I have one final blog post on my journey in Mary Kay and that is the lessons I’ve learned through the experience.  In other words, if I could do it all over again, which I can’t and wouldn’t if I could, this is what I would have done differently (and hopefully it serves as a useful tool for any of you who are thinking about becoming a Mary Kay consultant or any other direct sales).  My intent of these blog entries isn’t to bash the company.  As I mentioned yesterday, there are a lot of really great things about being involved with Mary Kay.  It is a business model that works for some women.  I witnessed it work for others around me, but it just wasn’t a good fit for me in the end.

1. Only invest in products that genuinely sell.
My customers were very patient if I was out of something and had to order it.  I would have done just fine by getting samples of a majority of the products, including most of the makeup line.  If my customers liked the sample enough, they would have waited a few days for me to order it from Mary Kay and deliver it to them.  With best-selling items on hand, I would have a worthwhile inventory and I wouldn’t have been overwhelmed by all the products that I could never sell.  My best-selling items include: Eye Makeup Remover, Replenishing Serum + C, Microdermabrasion Set, TimeWise Cleanser, TimeWise Moisturizer, Satin Hand Set, Satin Lips Set, Firming Eye Cream, and Ultimate Mascara in Black.  Beyond that, having only samples of everything else would have been better for me.

2. Invest at a lower level.
Really I didn’t need to go it at the diamond level, or any star level for that matter.  Fun prizes are part of the reward of investing at a “star” level each quarter.  While it was fun getting a “free” prize, most of the prizes I could choose from weren’t anything that I wanted or needed.  Of the prizes  I got, I’ve yet to use any of them.

3. Focus on why I got into it in the first place.
I lost sight of why I became a Mary Kay consultant very quickly.  Had I stayed true to wanting to make a little extra cash instead of wanting to become a director, making this a sole-income career, I don’t think I would have gotten so overwhelmed in the end.  If your goal is to become a director from day one, that is totally fine, just try to focus on what it is that you really want out of Mary Kay.

4. Maintain better balance.
I struggle with this one in general in my life.  If it isn’t Mary Kay, it’s something else, like training for a half marathon.  I let Mary Kay take over my life.  I got emotional about it and I let it get in the way of my relationships with my friends and family.  Again, this is a problem I have in general.  I wanted to give it my all, and at the end of Mary Kay, I felt like I was a total failure.  (At least with training for the half marathon, I crossed the finish line and felt the victory!)  Perhaps this is something I can work on in 2012, but for Mary Kay, I wish I had been able to put it down when it wasn’t Mary Kay time and enjoy my time with family and friends.

5. Stay true to myself.
This kind of ties back to number 3.  I felt myself being swayed into believing something that wasn’t me.  Had I stuck it out in Mary Kay, I know I would have been transformed into a totally different person.  Perhaps that is exactly what some people need, but I didn’t like the direction I was being moved towards.  Sorry this one is intentionally vague, but if you know me at all, and knew me through the experience, you probably know what I’m talking about.  (Okay, that’s probably just Nick and maybe one or two of my Mary Kay friends.)

I’m sure there are plenty more “if I could do it over again, I’d do it this way” items, but those are the major ones.  I don’t regret the experience at all.  Had I not become a consultant, I would have always wondered “what if” from the day I went to that skin care class back in August 2010.  In the end I learned how to handle the taxes of a business, something that truly freaked me out in the beginning.  I made good friends.  And, heck, I found a skin care line that truly has done wonders for my skin!


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