Fat Days Week 3

This week is the last week of Fat Days!  It actually ended yesterday since there is hardly anyone at the office today.  Out of my five years of Fat Days at the office, I have to say this year has probably been the best year.  Not a ton of sweets for a change and everyone seemed to create whole meals instead of just snacks.  Although this has been the best showing, I’m glad to see it go.  I’m ready to get back to normal eating habits and not have the temptation sitting there right in front of me every time I walk by the office kitchen!

Okay, onto this week’s Fat Days contributions!

Monday 12.19.11

Monday 12.19.11: Brisket Tacos, Tamales, Chips & Queso
Monday 12.19.11: Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Tuesday 12.20.11

Tuesday 12.20.11: Assorted Coffee Cakes
Tuesday 12.20.11: Carrot Cake

Wednesday 12.21.11

Wednesday 12.21.11: Mediterranean Fusion Gourmet Sandwich Bar

Thursday 12.22.11

Thursday 12.22.11: Fruit Kolaches and Sausage Kolaches from the Czech Stop in West, Texas!
Thursday 12.22.11: Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups with Various Dipping Sauces and Homemade White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake.

Whew, that wraps up the 12 Fat Days of Christmas!  Happy holidays everyone!


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