Shameless Plug: iNixThium

I’m giving a shameless plug to my wonderful and creative fiance, Nick and his program developer enterprise, iNixThium.  It has nothing to do with urban planning or healthy living, but I love him so he gets a shameless plug.

Nick started his iPhone game development business over the summer and to date he has three games available on the app store!  First up is Goats Flying.
The object of this game is to shoot the flying goats as they come your way, protecting Bubba Buddha and the mountain town from these evil tongue wagging goats.  Armed with a rocket launcher, you aim and shoot by touching the screen.
  A pretty simple game, but you can spend hours on it, trying to get a new high score.  To download it, click here to visit the app store.  And it’s free, why not give it a try!

Next up, Chicks Rock!
This is my personal favorite of the three games.  In my opinion, it’s the cutest and has a fun little soundtrack.  The object of this game is to keep the rocks from falling on the chick by moving the device back and forth.
If you let the chick get hit by a rock, then it explodes into an array of colors.
Again, a nice, simple game that is very kid friendly.  Best of all, not only is it available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s also available for the iPad!  Click here to visit the app store and link to download.

Last, but not least is Angry FouFou Game!
Originally designed as Angry Poo Game, which can be found over at the Cydia store if you have a jailbroken iPhone, Angry FouFou Game (redesigned and renamed in order to be accepted on the Apple App Store) is the most complex of the three iNixThium games.  The Angry FouFou is fighting the evil toilets: “They’re sick and tired of being flushed down Toilets all over the world, and have declared The Loo as their sworn enemy.  FouFou strikes back, as you help them destroy all the Toilets they can in the three completely different missions!”
Fling FouFou is the first of the three missions.  It is similar to Angry Birds in that you are flinging the FouFou at the toilets that are protected by various pillars.  The sound effects are what make this mission great.  (Trust me, I had to hear Nick make them in person!)
 The second mission is Fou Shooter.  This mission might look very familiar (think Goats Flying).  Here we have a FouFou Headman shooting at the evil toilets.
The last of the three missions is Kung Fou.  Here we have a FouFou dressed in a bandana and ready for action.  This mission, unlike the other two puts our on a time crunch as you are fighting the clock to knock out all of the toilets.  This is a tricky mission in terms of play-ability, but once you figure out how to move the FouFou around the screen (think Pac-Man), it becomes quite addicting to try to beat the clock.
Although the fourth mission isn’t out on the latest update, I’ve had a sneak peek (one of the advantages of being the fiance of iNixThium), and let me tell you, it might be my favorite mission yet, jumping up from some sort of deck to deck, collecting “coins” along the way.  Check out Angry FouFou game here to link to the app store and download!

That’s it for my shameless plug today!  (I can’t help but brag about my awesome fiance!)  Check out his games on the App Store and be sure to rate them.  Which one of the three games is your favorite?


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