In With The New, Eventually Out With The Old

Since right around Thanksgiving I’ve felt like Nick and I have maxed ourselves out in our condo in terms of space.  We live in a 650 square foot upstairs unit which by New York City standards is quite generous, but for Dallas, that’s pretty small for one person, let alone two people and a cat.  It’s been fine and we’ve made it work, but I’ve reached a point where if we get something new, we need to get rid of something old.  There just isn’t enough room for both the old and the new.  So with the holidays here, I kept my “wish list” mostly to non-tangible items like race registrations and such.  Nick said my wish list was pretty weak. but with my recent feelings of lack of room, I thought it was quite appropriate.  Nick asked for a knife set from his family; everyone could pitch in and get us a good quality knife set.  I told his mom about his request and since they had recently sold their vacation house at Lake Tahoe, they happened to have a spare knife set to give us (thanks Penny and Joe), so the knife set arrived and I told Nick that it was time to part ways with some of our old knives.  It hasn’t happened yet, but it will eventually!

Nick and I celebrated Christmas this past weekend.  We are leaving this coming Friday to visit Nick’s step-brother and sister-in-law in North Carolina for the holiday, so instead of lugging our gifts for each other there and back we thought it would be best to have Christmas early.  It was completely informal.  We didn’t get a real Christmas tree this year, although I bought a teeny-tiny fern-like tree so we would have something and Nick surprised me earlier last week by digging out our decorations from the garage and putting a few of them up throughout our place.  He even hung our stockings, even though they never got filled with goodies.
Impromptu Christmas 2011: Empty Stockings and Unwrapped Gifts

Initially we were planning on doing our Christmas when we got back from the East Coast, but at the last minute we changed our plans and as a result, neither of us wrapped our gifts to each other and Nick actually took me with him to get my gift at the mall.  Don’t worry, he is plenty romantic and it just worked out that way.  We had to get gifts for other people and being the female, I was designated the one to pick things out and he was going to pay for them.  It didn’t make much sense for the two of us to go out to the mall together and then split up when it came time for him to get my gift.  Right before we left for the mall he told me what he was getting me: a new computer.  Immediately I protested, that was too big of a gift.  I did everything but stomp my feet to try to convince him that a new computer was WAY too much.  Nick didn’t want to hear it, though.  He already made up his mind and I wasn’t going to convince him otherwise, so we fought the crowds at the Apple store.  His initial thoughts were to get the AirBook or whatever it’s called but when we talked to the Mac sales guy, we got a better deal on the MacBook Pro.  On top of that, we got a new free wireless printer.Nick spoils me way too much!  So now with this new Mac it brings our household total to three MacBooks (Nick as one and I have two), three iPhones, and too many to count iPods or iPod shuffles.  (No iPad, yet, though!)  We are a Mac-ed up family.  There are enough Apple based products that the cat could have his own of each!  Once I get everything transferred over from the old Mac to the new Mac, the old one will go, eventually.

As for my gift to Nick, I got him a new office desk chair.  He had been talking about how much he wanted to get a new chair for our office for a while and I knew exactly which one he wanted: the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.  Luckily the gift was still a surprise even though I told him about a month earlier to not buy the chair when we were flipping through a Gaiam catalog since Santa was coming soon.  So now we have two office desk chairs and one office desk.  Nick thinks we should keep the old one for whenever we move into a new place.  He has a concern that we will move to a bigger place and not have enough stuff to fill it.  But who knows how long it will be before we move and eventually, though, we will probably get rid of the old chair.

Happy holidays everyone!  Do you do “spring cleaning” to make room for new things that come in during the holidays?


2 responses to “In With The New, Eventually Out With The Old

  1. I got a new laptop too! We are spoiled girls.

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