Training On The Treadmill

My friend Abby commented on my recent half marathon recap post, asking if I planned on continuing on to a full marathon.  The short answer is yes, I am training for the Austin Marathon in February.    Back in October, I made the unofficial decision to keep going after the White Rock Lake Half Marathon and work towards the full marathon.  The long answer, though, is maybe.  There is a chance I won’t be around that weekend to go down to Austin for the race.  I won’t know for sure until January, which makes training very difficult.  With the White Rock Lake Half Marathon, I registered for the race several weeks before I started to train for it.  I was motivated the whole way through; I had already paid the $85 registration fee, there was no turning back after that!  With the Austin Marathon being up in the air, it’s hard to keep myself going, but I’d rather be trained and not be able to go to the race than not be trained and go to the race!  On a side note, I meant to post this with my half marathon recap, but I totally forgot.  Here is my completed training schedule for the half marathon with the paces and times for all of my runs.  I’m not particularly fast, but I’ve come along way from the middle of September.So now it’s the “dead of winter”, which is a term I use loosely here in Texas- it’s 70 degrees out today, and I’m reluctantly training.  However, being the “dead of winter” it is dark, dark, dark by the time I get off of work.  Now most women running alone in the dark are afraid of being attached by someone lurking in the bushes.  For better or worse, I don’t have that fear.  I do have a different running-in-the-dark-fear.  I have developed a dislike for running on sidewalks in my neighborhood because they are uneven, lacking ramped curb cuts in various places, and suddenly stop for no apparent reason so I’ve come to prefer running on the street.  Running on the street at night is a wee bit dangerous, especially in a place like Dallas where the car rules the road.  So my fear is two-fold: I’m afraid I’ll be hit by a car if I run in the road and I’m afraid, that with the lack of visibility, I will trip and twist my ankle or worse by running on the crappy sidewalks.  To me comparing my fear(s) with what I consider most women’s fears of running alone at night are like getting in a car crash versus getting in a plane crash.  I feel like my odds are greater for getting hit by a car or falling and twisting my ankle than getting abducted by a serial killer.  Maybe I’m way off, but that’s at least how I think.   So my fears have led me back to the gym.

After running on the dreaded treadmill while we were in Mexico last month, I thought getting back on the treadmill was going to be miserable.  To my surprise, though, it hasn’t been so bad.  I zone out and pretend I’m outside.  It’s not quite the same, but I’ve mentally determined every quarter-mile of my outside run and when I look down at the treadmill dashboard to see how far I’ve gone, I refer that to my mental image of where I would be in the neighborhood.  The best part is that I don’t have to run up the dreaded hill at the end!

Anyway, here is my training schedule for the full marathon, including the first 12 weeks that I completed in training for the half.  Things have already been pushed around in the past two weeks and the holidays present their own challenges, but I’ll do my best to stick to it and hopefully within a month I will know for sure if I’m training for nothing or training for my first full marathon!  (Hopefully I can keep my motivation up for it in the meantime!)


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  1. Next up: urban design rant on lack of curb ramps.

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