Fat Days Week 1

I hoped to post this over the weekend, but obviously that didn’t happen, so Fat Days Week 1 and Fat Days Week 2 will be very close together.

Anyway, at my office we love to eat and this time of year brings LOTS of food.  As an annual tradition, the 12 business days leading up to Christmas are called Fat Days or more formally (and less politically correct), the Twelve Fat Days of Christmas.  Everyone signs up for a day to bring food in to the office.  There is really only one rule to the Fat Days: Doughnuts are not allowed.  Everything else is fair game.  Now, there are more than 12 people who work at my office so each day there are about three people who bring food in.  Everyone has the opportunity to coordinate with the others who signed up for the same day to create a theme.  Not everybody chooses to do this, but it makes it fun.  For example, in past years teams have done a soup day (with three or four different soups), a fondu day (with fruit and baked goods to dip in chocolate), and the aways interesting White Trash day (with spam and Twinkies… nasty!).  So now that you get the concept of Fat Days, here are pictures from the first week, which was only three days last week since it started on a Wednesday.

Wednesday 12.7.11: Cheese, Crackers, Fruits, Meats, Wine, and Cake Balls

Thursday 12.08.11: Soup Day- Tortellini Soup (that’s what I brought), Cream of Celery Soup, and Vegetable Beef Soup

Friday 12.09.11: Waffle Bar (I was out in the morning so I missed most of the Waffle Bar, but you get the idea!)

Surprisingly, most of the food on these first three days was gone before lunch, even if it wasn’t breakfast-type food.  I tried to be judicious with what I ate in the first week, only taking what really sounded appealing.  The thought was I didn’t want to waste calories on food that wouldn’t really satisfy me.  I’ve had much less restraint this week, Week 2 of Fat Days.  Stay tuned for the pictures of this week!  Lots of yummy (and not so healthy) food has made its way to the office this year!

How about you all?  Do you have any office holiday traditions?  Happy Fat Days everyone!


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