Jackson Turns Six

Okay, I know, this is totally lame and none of you probably care, but today is Jackson’s birthday!  For those of you who don’t know by now, Jackson is my cat.  His full name is Frederick Stonewall Jackson, but we call him Jackson for short.  I adopted him shortly after he turned three from another family.  He’s a pure-bred blue-point (his coloring and markings) traditional (facial structure) persian.  I am lucky to get such a beautiful cat and beyond that, he has the best temperament.   It’s hard to believe just about three years have gone by!  It’s been an interesting journey with Jax in my life; he’s had a lot of medical issues in these past three short years; but now I can’t imagine life without him!

So to celebrate the big six, Jackson got a kitty shoulder massage, and played “Chase The Kitty” this morning, both are a few of his favorite things.  He got a new mousey to add to his collection.  The store-bought ones seem to always go missing so I got him a replacement, but the mousies that Grandma (my mom) makes him are by far his favorites.  He’s spoiled, what can I say!  Anyway, here are a few pictures of him over the past three-ish years.  For being such a beautiful cat (if I do say so myself), he is not photogenic at all.  He doesn’t like to sit still or look at the camera, so these are the lucky few shorts that are remotely decent of him.  (I wish I had him when he was a kitten.  I bet he was super adorable!)

Jackson, a few days after I adopted him.

Jackson’s strange sleeping habits

Best picture of his baby-blue’s

Jackson playing dead kitty

Happy birthday Jackson!


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