Jumping Through Hoops

First off, thank you everyone for all the support during my half marathon training.  I wanted to give a full report of it today, but due to the lack of pictures I took with my phone and the professional pictures being published tomorrow, I’m holding off one more day to blog about the event.  Instead, today, I am reporting on my recent and upcoming J-O-B interviews!

Now, I don’t want to write too much about them or what organizations these two positions are with just yet due to 1. disclosure: I don’t know who is reading this out there; and 2. as you may remember from an earlier post, I’m superstitious.

So I recently blogged that I had two upcoming job interviews.  The first one was last week.  It went really well and I am super hopeful.  The interview was a phone interview and was very casual.  I really enjoyed talking to the lady interviewing me and from my research, I discovered that she, just like me, has a Bachelor degree in English and Master degree in Urban Planning.  When I discovered that, it made me like her even more.  I often get strange looks from people when they find out about my diverse education background, at least from people in my profession, since my undergraduate and graduate degrees are seemingly totally unrelated.  While this may be true on the surface, I still beg to differ and think a Bachelor of Arts in English was a wise decision.

So back to the interview.  Like I said, it went well and I am very excited about the opportunity.  The trouble is, is that the lady interviewing me left the country over the weekend and won’t be back until right before Christmas, so I won’t hear anything for 3 weeks, which will torture me.  But at least I know that is the reason why I haven’t heard anything and it’s not because I don’t have a chance.  My fingers are crossed that I will be hearing good news come Christmas about moving on to phase 2: the in-person interview!

Interview number two is at the end of this week.  Before I mention anything about this one, I want to rewind back a month or so ago to the interview I had for the job I didn’t get.  When they asked me to come in for an interview, they requested that I put together a PowerPoint presentation on previous project that I worked on regarding zoning regulations.  Having working at an architecture firm for the past four plus years, I had to stretch to pull together this PowerPoint.  I decided on a project that I worked on that did relate to zoning regulations, however it was a design guide interpreting these zoning regulations; not quite what they were looking for, but I made it work.  At any rate, the request of a PowerPoint presentation on zoning regulations was a telltale sign that this job was not for me.  I am much happier doing planning work as it relates to design not boring zoning codes.

Okay fast forward to my upcoming job interview.  No PowerPoints required for this interview, however I just found out that there will be four parts to the interview:
1. A panel interview
2. A written test
3. A design test
4. A one-on-one interview
This is a little intimidating!  It sure seems like interviewees have to jump through hoops in order to land a job these days.  I understand employers want to make sure they cover all aspects to make sure they select the right candidate, but that sure puts a lot of pressure on the interviewees.  Back when I graduated graduate school I had only one interview that was this intimidating, which also included a test.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.  The rest of the interviews I had were much more informal and I felt like I could be myself.  In my mind, they were more successful than these demanding process interviews.  I’m very interested in the position that I will be interviewing for this week, but I know that these types of rigorous interviews don’t suit me well.  Until then, I will just mentally prepare myself and hope for the best!


3 responses to “Jumping Through Hoops

  1. I know you will do great babe. Love you!

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