Jetsetting Stop 4- Cancun, Mexico

After a 7 mile run Saturday morning, Nick and I headed for the airport to depart on our last major trip of the fall.  I’d been beyond excited for this vacation.  My best friend from growing up, Caitlin, was getting married and we were heading down to Mexico to help celebrate her big day.  Nick and I have really been playing up other people’s weddings in beautiful places by making whole vacations out of them.  The perk of this vacation, besides being in Mexico, was that we’d be staying put for the week.  If you remember back in September, we went out to Northern California for Nick’s childhood friend’s wedding, and we maximized the Northern California exposure by meeting up with one of my college friends, going wine tasting, and spending a few days up at Lake Tahoe, all before heading back to the Bay Area before the wedding.  I was very much looking forward to unpacking my bags on this trip and relaxing.  When we got there, though, they put us in a room with two double beds instead of one king size bed.  Nick and I have become very accustomed to sleeping in a king that I was worried that the bed would be way too small for us, which normally it would be, but the air conditioning in that room was so cold- even though we turned it all the way up- that sleeping so close together kept us warm thought the night!  Then next afternoon, they finally switched us to a room with a king size bed and better air conditioning control.

Finally, our King size bed!

And the view from our room… on a cloudy morning.

Sunrise on the beach

I didn’t take very many pictures with my digital camera on this trip, but as part of our welcome bags from Caitlin and Peter, we got a disposable camera.  Once I get that developed, I’ll post those pictures. 

Anyway, the weather wasn’t nearly as hot as I thought it would be.  A hurricane came through the week before we arrived and flooded the mangroves, which poured out into the gulf, turning the water red.  In addition, all the seaweed got pushed ashore, so it was murky as well.  Not ideal or picturesque, but as he week passed, the water became more and more blue. 

Caitlin, Peter, and the rest of the wedding party arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday and Nick and I had fun meeting the grooms side as well as spending time with the bride’s side.  The wedding took place on Thursday evening at sunset.  As Caitlin and Peter said their “I do’s” the full moon popped through the clouds and lit the beach.  It was a very romantic backdrop.  I promise, I’ll have pictures soon.

Other than that, Nick and I pretty much hung out.  We spent some time talking about our own wedding, but I don’t have any major announcements to make yet.  I was able to stick with my training though the week, hitting up the resort gym every day.  All in all, it was a nice getaway.  It was hard to come back to Dallas as that closes out our traveling for a while, but before we know it, we’ll be off jetsetting again!


2 responses to “Jetsetting Stop 4- Cancun, Mexico

  1. Thank you guys so much for coming! 🙂 It wouldn’t have been the same without you ❤
    love you!
    Caitlin and Peter

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