Two Months of Engagement

Today is a big day.  It marks two months that Nick and I have been engaged.  It is also the day that I reached 100 miles ran during my half marathon training.  I recently did the math and it’s taken me eight weeks to run 100 miles and in the next four weeks I will run another 100 miles!  In honor of completing 100 miles today, here is one of the pictures from the Santa Fe 5K from a few weeks back.  (Like I said in an earlier post, I felt like my cheeks were all puffed up like a squirrel stocking up for winter).  You can check out the other two pictures of my by going to the photographer’s link here.

Crossing the finish line of the Santa Fe 5K on October 13th

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about how the wedding planning is going so now that it’s officially been 2 months since Nick popped the question, I’d give a little update in the blog!  And the big news is…. we haven’t started planning!  We don’t have a date set.  We don’t have a location picked out.  We’ve barely talked about a budget.  But we do know a couple of things.  First, since neither of us are from Texas, we don’t plan on getting married in Texas, that is unless we decide to not deal with a wedding and just go to the courthouse and get married, which isn’t out of the question at this point.  If we have a wedding, though it will most likely be outdoors and the ceremony won’t be religious, since neither one of us is particularly religious.  I know my mom really wants us to get married in Hawaii, but that isn’t really on our list of destinations.  Hawaii is very beautiful, but if we had a list of destinations, it would be low on the list for various reasons.  (Sorry Mom.)  I am, however, excited to see my dear friend Megan and her fiance Mark get married in Hawaii next summer! 

I’m sorry if my wedding planning news comes as a disappointment.  I feel as though it’s taboo that we’ve been engaged and haven’t planned a single thing.  At least that’s how I feel when people ask me about the wedding plans I a tell them we don’t have any yet.  I often get the “Oh” with a look of disappointment and “what the heck is wrong with you” written all over their face.  To be honest, I’m not in any rush to plan a wedding.  As a kid, it always seemed like it would be so much fun, but now that I’m engaged, I’m not that excited about planning a wedding.  I’m excited to be married, but a wedding sure seems like a lot of work and a lot of money, all for just a few hours.

At any rate, we are headed to Mexico this weekend to go to my friend, Caitlin’s wedding, so we are going check it out to see how we feel about doing an all-inclusive destination for ourselves and we’ll go from there.  I’m sure as the holidays near, family will be questioning us a lot, forcing us to start making some plans, so stay tuned!


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