The (un)Lucky Little Blue Dress

I’m a little superstitious.  Not super superstitious, but I have my little quarks or habits that I am convinced that work.  For example, when I fly, I have to listen to the entire safety speech the flight attendants do every time.  I’ve heard it a thousand times and I know nothing has changed since the last time I flew, but I have to do it in order to feel like we will have a safe flight.  Crazy, right?  Another recent example of my superstitions I am convinced that if I watch a Michigan football game in entirety, then Michigan will lose.  For the first weekend this season this past week, I watched the entire game, and of course we lost.  To Michigan State, none the less.  We’ve won every single game up to that point.  So all of this silly superstition brings me to this little blue dress that I bought about a year ago that I’m convinced brings me good luck.  It’s nothing too special of a dress.  It’s blue and a little shorter than I’m comfortable with, so I’m constantly trying to pull it down, but I always get compliments when I wear it.

I found that when I wore this dress, I got a new team member through Mary Kay (yes, I sold Mary Kay for about a year and that’s another blog entry of how I got into it and why I decided to stop), which is a huge deal in the Mary Kay world.  It wasn’t just occasionally when I wore it, I’d get a team member, but EVERY time, so I associated it with being my good luck dress in Mary Kay.  After leaving Mary Kay, the dress got pushed aside in the closet  and I completely forgot about it until two weeks ago.  Not even thinking about it being a “good luck” dress, I put it on and headed to work.  A few hours later, I got a phone call regarding the job interview that I just had.  Now I had applied to this job months ago and hadn’t heard anything so I figured I didn’t get it.  Well, it was the length of time plus a few weeks after applying for it, I realized I made a huge, embarrassing mistake on my cover letter and I figured that I killed the opportunity right there.  Anyway, months later, they called me up and wanted to interview me.  I was so excited and I attributed getting that phone call out of the blue from my little blue dress that I decided to put on that morning. 

Knowing I was supposed to hear back this week about the job, I wore the dress yesterday for a little extra good luck.  Well, I heard back from the job yesterday, and they offered it to someone else.  Not only did I head back about that job, but I got another rejection from another job in Chicago.  To top it off, a cheese tasting event I was looking forward to going to that evening got canceled at the last minute.  But not all is lost.  The lucky dress may have been unlucky for the day yesterday, but the luck is coming in the long run.  As I told Nick when I heard I didn’t get the job, I didn’t think it was the right fit for me anyway, and if I was offered the job, it would have been about getting paid more, not necessarily about enjoying the job.  As for the job in Chicago, it too would have been a really great experience, but in the long run, it wasn’t what I really wanted to do.  The cheese tasting event will be moved to November and Nick will be able to go with me then, which will make it even more fun.  So despite three occurences of bad news yesterday, with my lucky dress looking out for me, I look forward to good things to come!


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