Half Marathon Training Week Three Makes for a Busy Bee

In the last post I mentioned that I just wrapped up week two of half marathon training, so let me back up a little bit.  About two years ago I made a list of things that I felt I should do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area before moving away.  I’ve never had plans to stay here permanently.  When I moved here back in 2007 I told myself I would stay here for three years and then move on to another place.  Four years later and I’m still here.  It’s not that I hate Dallas.  It’s got some things going for it, but looking at it from an Urban Planning perspective, this place is a planner’s nightmare.  Everything is driven by the car.  You really can’t get anywhere without getting in your car and driving.  For example, we live right across the street from the grocery store, however I have never walked there.  I’d have to cross six lanes of traffic, going 50 miles per hour (and it’s not a highway, just a regular road), then walk though a huge and very unpleasant at the pedestrian level parking lot just to get to the grocery store.  Not to mention, half of the way doesn’t even have sidewalks.  At any rate, I’m ranting.  Like I said Dallas does have some good things going for it.  It’s affordable at the very least.  So anyway, I made this list of things I should do in the area so I take advantage of all that the DFW area has to offer.  Most of the items are silly or easy to cross off the list. 

Here are a few of the items I’ve already completed:
Eat a kolache at the Czech Stop in West, TX
Experience the Canton First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX
Order one item- from the three to choose from- off the menu at Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth, TX
See a rodeo at the Fort Worth Stock Show
Eat something fried (that wouldn’t normally be fried) at the Texas State Fair

And some that I still need to complete:
Go to a Cowboys game (only because so many people said I should)
Find a dinosaur footprint at Dinosaur Valley State Park (I’ve been once, but didn’t see any footprints)
Attend the AFI film festival
Take country dance lessons at Gilley’s
Run the Rock

In all the list is 22 items, so the above are just a few, but the last item I mentioned, Run the Rock is one of the more challenging items.  It’s the Dallas White Rock Lake Marathon. 

I never specified which race within the White Rock Lake Marathon I had to run- there is the full marathon, half marathon, and a five person relay.  So, once I finally got back into running this summer, I decided I would go for the half marathon in December.  After about a month and a half of going to the gym on a regular basis, I felt confident enough to pay the registration fee and do it.  I signed up during lunch one day and sent Nick a message right away to tell him that I’d officially signed up.  He told me that he would sign up too and we’d do it together.  This made me so happy to hear, I almost started to cry over my Kashi frozen entree lunch.  We hadn’t been working out together and he’d been so busy working on developing his iPhone games that I didn’t think he’d be interested in doing the race with me, but as it turns out, he’s also wanted to run in it as well, although he’s done the 5-person relay portion of it before.  I was just really excited that we would working towards this big physical goal together. 

I researched training schedules for half marathons and came across a good one for beginners and then I modified it to fit my schedule better. 

I’m sure that’s really hard to read, but the orange text represents my other commitments for the day and the green text, which is really hard to see, represents both the half marathon and smaller races that I’ve signed up for leading up to the big day.  We started week 1 in California, and well, we didn’t stick to the schedule very well.  We did a lot of hiking while we were out there, so that counted towards our cross training.  We ran once together in Tahoe and I ran a second time on the treadmill in the hotel in Berkeley.  We didn’t do any strength training during the whole trip, despite the fact that I went and bought resistance bands specifically for strength training during this trip.  Week 2 went much smoother, although some of the workouts didn’t go that well.  I had my best time yet on my short 2-mile run which was outside and then had the worst run ever the next day at the gym on the treadmill following 30 minutes of strength training.  The lesson learned: on days that I have to do both running and strength training, I need to break them up or do the running first.  Also another lesson learned: Now that it’s finally under 100 degrees out, running outside is much more enjoyable than running on the treadmill!  Remembering back now, the opposite was true in Michigan.  I ran more on the treadmill in Michigan during the winter on days when it was REALLY cold- like in the teens or below.  Otherwise I’d run outside.  Now in Dallas, running when it’s over 95 our is too miserable.  So now that it’s finally in the low 90’s as the high (and usually cooler than that by the time I run), the gym will only be for strength training and cross training until the weather is too unbearable.  

This week, week 3, is one of those weeks that is full of orange text, which means that training will be taking place in the mornings before work.  I consider myself a morning person, but more of a 7:00 AM  morning person.  Not a 5:00 AM morning person.  Unfortunately I will have to get up at 5:00 AM tomorrow through friday and probably 6:30 on Saturday in order to get all the training sessions in.  I’m not looking forward to it!  The hardest part of it all, though, is getting out of bed.  Luckily there are only a few weeks that are busy like this week.  Week 8 is also another crazy week and week 9 we will be in Mexico, which presents different challenges all togehter- vacation, humidity, questionable gym facitilities at the all-inclusive resort, etc.  Nick think’s I’m a little crazy, but we will be running 7 miles the second day we are there.  Our long run didn’t happen while we were in California, so we’ll see how well week 9 goes.  I’m hoping that we’ll be in full swing with the training that it will be easy to stick with despite the Caribbean-All-Inclusive distractions!

In other news, I heard about another race that takes place on October 13th.  The Santa Fe trail just opened and to kick it off, they friends of the trail are having a 5K race.

This is not one of the races I previously scheduled on the training calendar, but I think I’m going to do it.  Unfortunately I don’t think Nick will be able to do it since the race starts at 6:15 PM and he gets off of work at 6:00 PM about 45 minutes away from the race site.  So is there anyone out there reading this who lives in Dallas who wants to run it with me?  You can check it out at the friends of the Santa Fe trail website.  Let me know if you want to run in it with me!


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