Cross It Off the List

I have to say, it’s nice to spend a weekend home for a change.  Not that I didn’t like all of the traveling, but it’s nice to relax in my own home for the weekend.  Plus, I’m pretty crazy when it comes to making lists and being able to check things off, so this weekend was great to catch up on my lists!  Most of the weekend was dedicated to unpacking (finally) from Mexico and California, cleaning, and running errands.
Our computer room was the luggage room for the past three weeks.   It’s all picked up and put away (temporarily) now.  I went on a cleaning rampage to say the least.  All laundry including bath mats, comforter, and throw blanket is completely taken care of.  I ironed all the clothes that needed to be ironed (a task that I dread doing but usually get it done every weekend we are home).  I vacuumed the condo, including the stairs, which rarely gets done.  The bathroom has been scrubbed down.  The kitchen has also been scrubbed down.  And the kitchen, bathroom and entryway floors all have been mopped!

I also took Jackson (aka, Frederick Stonewall Jackson or Dr. Jackson) to the groomer for the longest grooming appointment ever!  Nick came with me for the first time to drop Jackson off and the groomer asked if we wanted the same as last time and Nick requested that she trip a little lower on his paws.  Jackson is very sensitive when it comes to his feet.  He doesn’t like anyone touching them.  It’s probably due to some distant memory he has of being completely declawed by his previous owners.  Anyway, the groomer took Nick’s request and ran with it.  Instead of Uggs, Jackson has little mittens on the tips of his paws.  It’s no wonder the appointment took 8 hours!  I can’t imagine Jackson being a happy camper when she trimmed the fir on his paws.
Here is Jackson before his haircut, playing dead kitty.
And here he is after, getting all curled up on his bed.

In addition to Jackson’s haircut, I managed to get my car washed, oil changed, shop for a bridal shower gift for my best friend from high school, Caitlin, apply to four jobs (one of which kind of relates to why I started this who The Urban Retrofit blog in the first place- but have completely been derailed by the rest of life since starting the blog), pay various bills, submit my credential maintenance to Green Building Certification Institute, which I just got an email about that everything went through and I don’t have to worry about being audited, and wrap up week two of half-marathon training (more on that later)!   I also made a trip to the grocery store and the pumpkins are out!  I couldn’t help myself, Central Market had so many different kinds of little gourds and a convenient bag to throw an assortment of them into.  I went to town.  Luckily they’ll last through Thanksgiving and it’ll put my urge to buy flowers at bay.
The gourds on the coffee table.
And the gourds on the kitchen table.

To top it off, I made a quick dinner from a Food Network recipe that I’ve modified.

What was Lobster Cob Rolls is now Shrimp Cob Salad.
Central Market makes really good herb-marinated grilled shrimp that I’ve used for another recipe and so I though I’d use them in this recipe as well.  I first made this salad back in grad school and since lobster meat was super expensive and hard to find without buying whole lobsters back in Michigan, I found great marinated shrimp in the shrimp bar at Whole Foods.  Much to my dismay, when I moved to Texas, none of the Whole Foods seemed to have the same shrimp bar that the one in Ann Arbor had, so I haven’t made this salad is quite a while.  Then, like I said, I discovered these grilled shrimp at Central Market for a different recipe.  It dawned on me that I hadn’t made this salad is a while and these shrimp were perfect for it, so I picked some up last night.  The challenge is to hide them well enough so Nick doesn’t snack on them before I use them for our meal.  I thought I did really well this time.  He was playing poker with his friends last night so I figured, surely he won’t even be digging deep in the fridge for a snack when he gets home, there was plenty of other stuff right up front that he could nibble on and the shrimp would be spared.  Sure enough, he found them!  Not too much damage was done, but I did have to start dinner fairly early this evening to keep from torturing him any longer.

All in all, it’s been a good and very productive first weekend home in the past month!  Just a few more items to cross of the list and I think this house will officially be in good order.  As best stated by the goddess of good-smelling cleaning products, Mrs. Meyer’s says, “A clean home is a happy home”!


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