It’s Like a Party in the Air

We are in route to San Francisco as I type, at an altitude of 38,105 feet.  According to the map on the screen in front of my seat, we are over New Mexico, with 822 miles until we land.  This is the first time I’ve ever flown on Virgin America.  We usually fly on American Airlines since the hub is in Dallas, but Virgin America has been having a great sale on flights from Dallas to San Francisco- $90 each way.  If you’ve never flown Virgin America before, let me tell you, it’s like being in a night club!  The overhead lights are pink and purple and the seats are black leather.  The media console in the back of the seat in front of me has not only the flight map (which I’m love in particular- being the control freak that I am, I like knowing exactly where I am and how much further we have to go), but OnDemand Movies and TV, as well as games.  There is even a keyboard/game control panel in the armrest that you can pull out and use to play the games with.  To top it off, google chrome and Virgin America have teamed up and were handing out laptops to use free of charge, including the free wireless internet that I’m connected to right now!  Talk about nice perks for an airline.  They even had a very cute video of safety instructions- by far the most entertaining of any airline that I’ve been on!  I even laughed a few times from the video.  The only downfall so far, is that if you  don’t live in the hub cities (San Francisco and LA, I believe) then you don’t have a ton of choices for destinations, but as a commuter flight to the west cost, I give Virgin America two thumbs up!


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