Jetsetting Stop 1- Tulum Mexico

Now that I finally feel like I have a moment to breathe, I’ll fill you all in on the exciting trip to Tulum, Mexico.  Nick and I departed Dallas on Friday afternoon for Cancun.  It was starting to get dark once we landed, which made for an interesting drive down to Tulum.  We rented a car and although Nick drove the whole time, it was a little unnerving driving in a foreign country!  There are these “wonderful” things in Mexico called Topes… in English, that means speed bumps, but they aren’t like the speed bumps in America that are well marked.  These just pop  out of nowhere!  In addition to the topes, Nick and I were staying in the very last hotel in Tulum, which seemed forever away.  Note- if you ever decide to go to Tulum and plan on driving, I recommend you do it in daylight.  Nick and I finally found our hotel and Jimmy, the owner invited us in.  The nice thing about Tulum is that pretty much all the hotels on the beach are small eco-resorts.  Totally different from what you would find in Cancun.  Jimmy, seeing that we were hungry after our hour and 45 minute drive, ran over to his place and grabbed us some of his leftovers and a few cold beers to enjoy.  After a quick tour of our room and lessons on the eco-friendly resort- conserve energy because it’s solar power, open the windows for air flow since there isn’t AC, don’t flush the toilet paper down the toilet (a VERY hard habit to break), compost any food scraps, etc, Nick and I turned in.  I slept horribly that fist night.  I was antsy to see the ocean, which we could hear from our room, but being late, it was too dark to see.  Nick was out, though, surprisingly, for the stress that he was carrying!

We got up at about 5 AM Saturday morning and went for a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise.  After about a mile to a mile and a half, we came across a bench that said “This is the only bench you will ever remember” written across it.  We sat for a few minutes and watched the sun come up before heading back to our hotel.  The rest of the walk is pretty much a blur, but something happened with Nick that caused me to turn around and he was on one knee.  He had a ring in his hand and I think he uttered out the question “will you marry me?”  Like I said, it was a blur.  I guess I grabbed the ring right out of his hand and said yes, which not only relieved him that I said yes, but he also wasn’t sure which hand it was supposed to go on.  I wish there was a video of the event so I could replay it and see how it all happened, but that’s as best as I can remember it!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and enjoying the beach.  Nick got burned that very first day, so we didn’t spend a ton of time in the direct sun, but we had an awesome porch that overlooked the ocean.  We drank plenty of wine, beer, and margaritas and nibbled on food, all sitting on that porch!  Jimmy drew up a map for us, telling us where to eat.  We dined out a few times and went to the chicken, bread, and cheese places that Jimmy recommended and brought it “home” to enjoy while overlooking the ocean.  All in all, although it was just a short getaway, it was well worth the trip!  (Plus, I got engaged… what can beat that?)

Here are some pics from the trip:

The view from our porch

Our room at Casa De Las Olas

Nick proposed!

The Tulum Ruins

Jimmy’s Map of Tulum and where all we should go

The Breakfast Menu at Posada MargheritaNick enjoying a pre-breakfast margarita

Homemade quesadillas from leftover chicken and tortillas from Pollo Bronco and Mexican cheese from the cheese shop

Silly faces 🙂

Nick saying farewell to the ocean.

Next stop on our jetsetting tour: Northern California!  We head out Saturday morning and get to spend the night with my dear friend, Megan Cherry.  She and her fiance and Nick and I will head to Sonoma on Sunday, and then the two of us will be off to Tahoe on Monday and then back down to Berkeley for Nick’s childhood friend, Dave’s wedding on Saturday!  The adventures continue!


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