Into the world of blogging I go!

It wasn’t too long ago that I told myself I would never blog… ever.  Haha.  Never say never, I guess.  I’m not one to consistently keep a journal, but I decided I’d give this blog thing a try.  The idea came upon me over the last few months in the search for a perfect job.

Let me take a few steps back… Nick, my wonderful boyfriend of 2 years (as of this Saturday officially, but a since July 2009 unofficially… that’s for another blog entry I suppose), had to go through the unfortunate experience of having his father pass away this past April.  We made a couple of trips out to California to deal with matters, and for some reason, this event triggered change for me.  Perhaps it brought back feeling of losing a parent of my own, perhaps it was getting out of Texas for an unplanned event, perhaps a combination of several things.  At any rate, these two trips  have caused a change or rather a reminder of what I once wanted to attain.

Back when I was in grad school at the University of Michigan, I was very focused on running of all things.  I’m sure my roommates, Anna, Austin, David, and Erin remember me being totally crazy about running; 3 miles every day, same route.  If I missed a day, I’d run double the next day.  With the running in my personal life, I really had a passion for designing communities for healthy living.  (For those who don’t know, which at this point in my blogging career, you all know me- I went to grad school for Urban Planning and Urban Design.)  Upon graduating, I got a job at an architecture firm in Dallas.  My running obsession completely stopped.  It was WAY to hot in Dallas to run outside and I was too poor to pay for a gym membership.  With that, my aspiration for finding a job that incorporated urban planning, physical activity, local food systems, public health and healthy living faded away.

Upon returning from our second trip to San Francisco and having gone through an emotional whirlwind during the spring, I decided that despite the money still not being there, I needed to join the gym.  I needed to do it for myself as a way to clear my mind.  Shortly after joining the gym, I realized that for the past four years living in Texas, I completely forgot about my aspirations and so the search has begun in the hunt for the perfect job that incorporates urban planning and design, public health, alternative transportation (rail, bike, foot), local food systems and healthy living.  Unfortunately I don’t know if that job exists.  So I thought, why not write about it.  Ultimately, I don’t want this to be a professional blog.  I want it to be fun to read; a way to friends and family to find out what’s going on in my life if they are interested.  It won’t all be about urban planning… I’m sure most of it won’t be, but at the very least, it will be a place for me to talk about life, professionally and personally as I’ve experienced it.

Well, entry #1 turned out to be much longer than anticipated, but I have to start somewhere!


2 responses to “Into the world of blogging I go!

  1. Saw a documentery on the state of the public school system in Detroit and I thought about some of your graduate projects for better communities in this city that face so many challenges Don’t give up your dreams. The world needs planners like you.

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